Helping you plan for your future.


Our investment plans are divided into several types. Each has its own conditions and advantages. If you are inspired not so much by a single big goal or dream, but by actualizing multiple small desires, then the STARTER and BEGINNER plans will be well suited for you. They offer daily accruals. You receive your payouts on working days. You receive back your principal deposit at the end of the investment period.

The CLASSIC plans are an affordable and easy way to implement your plans, putting a minimum of effort into this. Thanks to the unique "GrowthRate" system, you can receive your profits and principal deposit at the same time at the end of the investment period.

PREMIUM plans offer a great opportunity to begin your own path towards actualizing your most ambitious desires and conquer new horizons. One of the indisputable advantages of PREMIUM plans is that after the end of the investment period, the entire amount of profit is accumulated and paid out together with the principal deposit. So you get the opportunity to use the lump sum for your great accomplishments.

Finally, for the most successful and determined investors, Yesss has prepared a special offer. Investment plans CAPITAL, PARTNER and ABSOLUTE provide a fast and efficient path to success. Maximum investment in CAPITAL/PARTNER/ABSOLUTE guarantees maximum profit — excess profit for the investor. We believe that by letting us manage your large sums, our investors achieve a major success, having at their disposal tremendous opportunities for actualizing whatever it is — the reason why they came to Yesss in the first place. Profit is accrued daily on weekdays and is paid out together with the principal deposit at the end of the investment period.